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You are a small company with great strengths.  To grow your business, you would like to move upscale to larger public sector or corporate opportunities.  However, you have some concerns you need to overcome.


At Precise Proposals we understand your challenges. We started up as a small company ourselves.  We can help:

We know how to plan, design and write compelling bids and grant applications to win client approval. We focus precisely on what you need to win, so less time is wasted.

Save you time

Expand your resources

Low cash outlay

Specialist skills

We work alongside you; bringing you specialist bid skills for the short time you need them.  We empower you to punch well above your weight.

Our fees are proportional to the value-add we bring.  So you pay less for small, less complex bids.  We also use creativity in our pricing to reduce cash outlay.

Working with procurement portals is bread and butter to us.  Writing bids is what we do day and daily.  See our track record for proof of how effective we can be!

Avoid biased tenders

Meet criteria

Win with a “higher” price

Handle e-portals

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A Tender may look aligned to a competitor.  We know how to check.  Better yet, if you talk to us early enough, we can tell you how to avoid the problem entirely.

There are messages you can give to Procurement to enable you to overcome and even overturn restrictions.  Turn them into strengths – we know how.

We’ve handled e-portal procurements around the world.  Every single one has been complex for novices to use.  We are not novices.  Let us do it for you.

With us, even with a higher price, you can win the contract. Our strategies also allow you to reduce your bid price but still make as much profit (or more) on the deal.

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Some examples of successes achieved.

View personal testimonials affirming our capabilities.