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Case Studies


Rescued a £250M public sector ITO opportunity

When the final “Go” decision was made, based on a complete strategic change for the solution, there were less than two weeks to the submission deadline.  All seemed lost.  Despite alerting management to the daunting scale of the challenge, Michael then:


(a) Setup and ran a Proposal Kick Off within four working hours of the “Go” decision;


(b) Managed the interface with company resourcing, to provide highly skilled consultants at zero notice covering the full range of IT Outsource services required;


(c) Setup and ran a bid writing team (of both local and virtual team members) in a War Room in GB.  This team  involved over 50 people from various practices across the company;


(d) Ran a rolling induction progarmme for all new team members being brought onto the bid;


(e) Setup and ran a Red Team review of the proposal document set; and


(f) Uploaded the ISOS documentation set at 2AM, some twelve hours before the delivery deadline.


The public sector body judged this submission so good that they issued an ISDS (Invitation to Submit Detailed Solution) which excluded other front runners from the bid.

A NI Government body issued an ITT via CPD (Central Procurement Directorate), seeking a service provider to refresh their server estate.  The envisaged project was to include virtualisation, migration to new tools and various technical updates.


Michael Gerner was Bid Manager, Proposal Manager, Bid Editor and also carried out Bid Writer responsibilities for particularly sensitive sections. He worked closely with the technical lead to ensure that the key differentiators for the solution were explained in a clear and compelling manner.


Michael managed a multi-disciplinary team and drove the bid through multiple stakeholder reviews covering all areas of the proposition (solution, delivery, risk, commercial, legal and financial).  He invented and applied an innovative approach to the Proposal in order to bound the commercial/legal risk while also maximising evaluation marks.  Michael also restructured the finance submission, again to ensure maximum marks.


The bid won the contract with an evaluation score of over 98%.

An innovative approach wins a £50k public sector contract with record marks





To achieve economic growth and increase competitiveness, companies need to carefully select the best opportunities and focus on winning those tenders.  Key to that success is having a consistent, professional approach to qualifying opportunities.  Our customised RAWBD! methodology has won international professional acclaim in this area.  


Michael Gerner used it to provide Tender mentoring to Additude Creative Ltd,  an award-winning, Belfast-based, advertising and marketing agency.  Michael mentored their Creative Director, Phil Milnes, through a short RAWBD! analysis of a seemingly attractive business opportunity.  The analysis took account of Additude's specific business strengths but also highlighted problems with the ITT from the perspective of a skilled tendering professional.  As a result, Phil was able to objectively balance the pros and cons and decided to qualify out.  By so doing, Additude saved thousands of pounds and freed up their resources to pursue better business opportunities.


“I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!”  


Phil Milnes, Creative Director, Additude Creative Ltd.

Professional, impartial advice saves money  

During a Competitive Dialogue procurement, a systems integrator was invited to submit an Outline Solution (ISOS) with indicative costing for the service.  The bid was extremely price-sensitive and the evaluation criteria were exceptionally complex, making it extraordinarily difficult to provide a comprehensive response within the limits set.  Michael Gerner was asked to be Proposal Manager.  However, Dialogue sessions then highlighted a number of challenges which put the bid into qualification review and Michael was unable to proceed for several weeks.  The bid manager, sales lead and IT infrastructure leads were also all changed.

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