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It's all about you!

You will have seen that most companies focus on telling you all about themselves: why they are the best, the cheapest, the most reliable, etc.  Those are important messages to convey.  But making them the main emphasis in a professional proposal is a mistake. The document reads as if it is all about the company and not really about the client.


At Precise Proposals, we see things differently.  What really matters is what the client really requires.  We target our responses to match each client's different needs and aspirations.  It's a different type of approach and it's more difficult to achieve than it sounds.  However, this gives a proposal a winning edge.


We've done the same for you on this website.  Explore the profiles listed below of our typical clients.


Do you recognise your own challenges or are you wrestling with something different?


Either way, we'd love to discuss this with you to see how we can help you.  Do get in touch!


50 - 249 Employees

250+ Employees

0 - 49 Employees

Organisations are under pressure to cut costs and budgets wherever they can.  Yet at the same time they need to win more contracts and/or grants.  These objectives seem to be mutually exclusive. Yet the Precise Proposals team actually helps our clients to achieve both.


Minimise waste

Transform your presales ROI

Avoid overheads

Benefit from a transfer of skills into your team

Reduce your opportunity cost

On each opportunity, we help you focus precisely on the things you need to do to win.

If your win rate is 10%, that means 90% of your presales budget is providing no return on investment.  Improve your win rate with us, and you will improve cost effectiveness.  In fact, our input typically means that you win more bids than you lose.

Deploy our skills on short term assignments rather than expand your permanent team.  Especially helpful if you have a recruitment freeze.

Every Precise Proposals engagement will provide skills transfer into your organisation.  Your team can make use of those learned skills and behaviours to help you better achieve your objectives on other, future opportunities.

By helping to carry the load on your bid, we free up your time and energy to concentrate on what really matters for your organisation.

Your key challenges: probably the same as our other clients!

You can win more contracts and/or grants by increasing your bidding capability for your key “must win” opportunities.  Our entire approach is aimed at achieving a precise match with what your clients and donor organisations are looking for.  Our unique tools and techniques have achieved an annual win rate of better than 80% and evaluation marks as high as 100%. It doesn't get much better than that!


You win more deals with our help


You reduce your costs with our help

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